Commercial Idli Maker | 49 & 114 Idlis at a time

If you’re running a restaurant or catering business, there’s no doubt that you need to be able to produce large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. And if South Indian delicacies are on your menu, then having a commercial idli maker is an absolute must-have! Not only can it help you cook 49 & 114 fluffy and delicious idlis at once, but it’s also made from quality aluminum that ensures durability. Plus, it’s gas stove compatible which makes the cooking process even more convenient.

Made from quality aluminum

The quality of materials used in a commercial idli maker is crucial for its durability and longevity. That’s why these cookers are typically made from high-grade aluminum that can withstand daily wear and tear without showing signs of damage. One of the primary benefits of using aluminum is that it has excellent heat distribution properties, which means that your idlis will cook evenly throughout. This ensures that each batch turns out perfectly every time, with no uneven textures or undercooked spots.

Another advantage of using aluminum in commercial idli steamer is its resistance to corrosion. Even when exposed to moisture and other environmental factors, the material remains strong and durable, making it a reliable choice for busy restaurant kitchens. Because aluminum is lightweight yet sturdy, it makes handling large batches of food much easier than heavier materials like cast iron or steel. This means you can easily transport your commercial idli maker from one location to another if needed.

Investing in a high-quality big size commercial idli steamer made from quality aluminum can provide numerous benefits for your business – from faster cooking times to increased efficiency and convenience in the kitchen!

Cook 49 or 114 idlis at a time

The large commercial idli steamber big size is a game-changer for restaurants and catering businesses looking to serve large quantities of idlis. With the capacity to cook 49 or 114 idlis at a time, these appliances save time and effort in the kitchen. Gone are the days of cooking small batches of idlis repeatedly on stovetops or steamers! Now, chefs can use their time more efficiently by preparing other dishes while the commercial idli maker does its job.

This appliance is perfect for busy restaurants with high footfall as it guarantees that customers won’t have to wait long for their food. Additionally, it’s also great for catering events like weddings and conferences where large numbers need to be served quickly. One thing that makes this big appliance unique is its ability to produce identical sized and shaped idlis every time. This uniformity ensures customer satisfaction as they receive consistent quality with each dish served.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to prepare large quantities of deliciously soft steamed rice cakes (idlis), then investing in a commercial idli maker could be just what your business needs!

There are 2 sizes of large idli cookers available with us. The 49 idli cooker has got 7 idli plates. Each plate has 7 idli slots. The slots are deep enough to give you perfect fluffy idlis every time. The overall weight of the idli steamer commercial is 3.5 kg. Height of the large idli maker is 30 CM & Width is 30 CM. Each idli stand slot is 8 cm wide.

The jumbo 114 idli cooker big size has got 6 idli plates with 19 idli slots in each plate. Each idli slot is 7 cm wide. Height of the extra large idli maker is 45 CM & Width is 50 CM.
The idli maker although commercial – it is also ideal for larger families or hotels & restaurants.

Buy this jumbo aluminum idli steamer with free shipping worldwide!

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