Kansa Dinner Set | 100% Pure Bronze Dinner Set

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  • 100% pure Kansa Dinner Set
  • Heavy duty product weighing 1.4 KG
  • 29 CM wide Thali / plate
  • 6 pieces set includes plate, 2 bowls, a tumbler, spoon and small plate
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Kansa Dinner Set

Discover the Radiance and Health Benefits of a Pure Bronze Kansa Dinner Set

In today’s fast-paced and modern world, the benefits of traditional craftsmanship are often overlooked. One such treasure is the bronze dinner set, an exquisite collection of tableware made from pure bronze. These timeless artifacts have a rich history that spans back thousands of years, and they offer unparalleled beauty and health benefits. In this section, we have on offer elegant and value riched – a 6-piece Kansa dinner set, with its unique features, design aesthetics, and health advantages.

A Timeless 6-Piece Collection Kansa Dinner Set

The Bronze dinner set comprises six pieces made from pure bronze. Included in this magnificent collection are a 29 cm wide thali (plate), two bowls perfect for serving sumptuous curries or sides, a spoon tailored for scooping up delicious meals, a sweet serving plate to showcase mouth-watering desserts, and a tumbler (glass) for enjoying refreshing beverages. Each piece has been delicately crafted to provide an extraordinary dining experience that transcends time.

Exquisite Laser-Engraved Design

Each piece in the Bronze dinner set features breathtaking laser-engraved designs that add immeasurable depth and visual appeal. These intricate patterns draw upon India’s rich artistic heritage and highlight the exceptional skill of artisans who have handed down their knowledge through generations. The captivating engravings are sure to capture attention and elevate any dining experience.

Heavy-Duty Set with Incredible Durability

The Kansa plate set boasts unbeatable durability thanks to its premium-grade bronze material. All six pieces collectively weigh an impressive 1.4 kg – evidence of their unwavering quality and solid construction. This heavy-duty set is designed to last for years, providing you with countless moments of dining bliss.

Pure Bronze Material Ensures Health Benefits

The use of high-quality pure kansa (bronze) lies at the heart of this remarkable dinner set. Kansa is an alloy made from copper and tin and has been used for centuries in India for its numerous health benefits. Its natural antimicrobial properties can ward off harmful bacteria, keeping your food safe and uncontaminated.

Kansa is also well-known to balance pH levels in the body, aiding digestion and reducing acidity. In addition, it is believed that bronze can improve the immune system, alleviate joint pain, and boost skin health. Choosing a Kansa plate set is not only an aesthetic decision but also a conscious choice for enhanced well-being.

Authentic Kansa Dining Experience

A meal served on a Bronze dinner set will undoubtedly provide you with a touch of luxury while immersing yourself in tradition and culture. Each bite taken from these pieces brings with it the essence of India’s rich history, allowing you to savor the authentic dining experience every time.

Investing in a Kansa dinner set offers unparalleled beauty, craftsmanship, and impressive health benefits. Buy with free shipping worldwide!

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